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Slowly, but surely ,Huskamute dogs are gaining ground, finally the tables are turning.

Huskamutes are chosen as much for their exceptional and varied qualities, as an Alaskan Malamutes. The Huskamute is not currently recognized by any registry.

They have been bred abroad for many years now, and are becoming much more popular in the UK.

We, at Engbull, aim to be one of the first kennels in the UK to keep all records, recording the breeding history, pedigree and all statistical information on health, temperament, size, coat ect. seeking to benefit and establish a standard for the breeds history, as to find a good example
of a huskmute.

This will require a level of knowledge and experience that is not readily available online or in books. The process is simple, once one understands that the concept of a pure-bred becomes one of a social standing.

For those who adore having a pure-bred Alaskan Malamutes, that opportunity only exists because someone established them as a breed.

Those with purebreds feel the need to compete in various contests, to collect bric a brac, with their breeds identification, to adorn themselves in breed specific clothing, to join dog forums, dog clubs,
and get immersed in doggy events.

The owners of a Huskamute can just sit back and enjoy the company of them, with no
pressure on the dog to perform, or collect awards.

Some events often produce fierce rivalries,
or lead to such stress, that outsiders wonder if either the owners, or the dogs, are having any fun at all.

Huskamutes will always be popular with people looking for an active, intelligent, and faithful family pet. There are many designer dogs available, in fact ,many would argue that a crossbreed is as good, if not better, than any pedigreed dog.

The line between crossbreeds and pure-breds is actually rather thin, its limited to the preferences of a few people. A Huskamutes value as a family pet rests on its health, temperament and rapport with humans.

Those few who automatically disregard a Huskamute dog as a pet, may be passing up a chance at the relationship of a lifetime.

The truth of the matter is, that a dog, is what you make it.

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